It's in the Book: A Queer Bible Podcast
Two queer ministers and one layperson go through the Bible from the beginning.
1 year ago

S1E8 - Hagar the Handmaid

We meet the first person in the Bible to give the Lord a name, and discuss if we should cancel God.

Episode Notes

In another challenging story, J, David, and Sue begin to look at the two Abrahamic Covenant stories and the story in between them: that of Hagar the Handmaid. Hagar can be read as an early touchstone character for marginalized people, enslaved people, and abuse survivors, and we'll do an imperfect job of exploring some of these themes. We will wrestle with a story that doesn't end the way we want it to, and another that's nearly inscrutable. We float cancelling God. But it's not all depressing. We learn of David's time working at a Brazier Dairy Queen (which has nothing to do with undergarments, apparently), and we hear about a miraculous flying furnace that heralds boundless blessings.

Please note the content warning at the beginning of the episode.

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