It's in the Book: A Queer Bible Podcast
Two queer ministers and one layperson go through the Bible from the beginning.

S2E12 - The Book of Genesis with Joy Ladin

Recapping the First Book of the Bible

Episode Notes

Well, it took us almost three years, but we made it to the end of Genesis. Now, as we look back on the first book of the Bible and try to make meaning around it, we are giddy to be joined by the brilliant Joy Ladin, poet, teacher, and first openly transgender professor at an Orthodox Jewish institution. We reconsider what the stories of Genesis can bring to us in the modern age, and what it means to read the Bible queerly. We question if usurping power dynamics is always good, how we can be like God by resting, and if we ever really left the Garden of Eden.

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S2E11 - Israel's Blessings

We say goodbye to Jacob AKA Israel AKA Daddy, and finally finish the book of Genesis

S2E10 - Family Reunion

The Israel Gang is back together and it's awkward

S2E9 - Joseph's Revenge

Joseph's brothers show up in Egypt. Now Joseph has the power, and he's going to use it.

S2E8 - The Rise & Fall & Rise of Joseph

The original King of Dreams goes from the pit to the heights.

S2E7 - Holy Sex Work

A woman named Tamar shows us that sex work can be ordained by God.

S2E6 - Joseph & the Princess Dress

Ever the Odd Kid in the Family

S2E5 - The Violation of Dinah

The Only Daughter of Israel is Voiceless

S2E4 - Wrestling with God

Jacob Gets Dirty with a Stranger & Becomes Israel