It's in the Book: A Queer Bible Podcast
Two queer ministers and one layperson go through the Bible from the beginning.

S1E12 - The Binding of Isaac

In our season finale, we tackle one of the Bible's biggest hits... and it does not age well.

How do we make meaning from a 3000-year-old story that asks a father to kill his son and rewards him for being willing? We discuss real and metaphorical child sacrifice in ancient religion and ask what it means to be religious if not to be comforted. We also see a series wrap on Hagar and Ishmael, who get pretty close to a happy-ever-after ending, at least in biblical terms.

We will see you next fall with Season 2 and the second half of Genesis. Until then, feel free to find J. Sylvan on instagram at j.sylvan.themself, or sign up for the mailing list for Beloved King: A Queer Bible Musical at, or follow it on instagram at belovedkingmusical.

Thank you all and have a great summer!

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S1E11 - [SPECIAL] Annunciation

Sue and J have something to announce!

S1E10 - Sodom & Gomorrah

Sodom & Gomorrah are terrible, but not for the reasons you've heard.

S1E9 - The Abrahamic Covenant

It's all about body modification and laughing in God's face in the episode of It's in the Book.

S1E8 - Hagar the Handmaid

We meet the first person in the Bible to give the Lord a name, and discuss if we should cancel God.

S1E7 - Abraham & Sarah

The first parriarchs begin their jaunt of often questionable behavior.

S1E6 - The Tower of Babel

What if bricks, but too much? Prehistoric tech bros are why we can't have nice things.

S1E5 - Noah: Part 2

In our most challenging episode yet, J., David, and Sue look at the troublesome conclusion to the Noah saga.

S1E4 - Noah: Part 1

God is NOT HAPPY with humanity for boinking divine beings. Noah better build that boat, and fast!