It's in the Book: A Queer Bible Podcast
Two queer ministers and one layperson go through the Bible from the beginning.
22 days ago

S2E1 - Rebekah & Isaac

Move over Sarah and Abraham, there's a new parriarch in town, and she's breaking the gender binary.

Episode Notes

The sun sets on Sarah and Abraham's time as matriarch and patriarch, and in their place, we meet, Rebekah, a buff twink maiden who will determine the course of the future. Rebekah and Isaac meet and fall in love instantly, and they bury Isaac's parents before setting up their new life together. We see a THIRD sister/wife story, this time with Rebekah and Isaac, and at Dad's funeral Isaac's estranged half-brother Ishmael returns. We discuss the possibility of ancient gender fluidity as reflected in an evolving language, as Rebekah might not fit neatly into a modern gender binary system.

Next episode out Sept 28th (2nd & 4th Wednesdays).

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