It's in the Book: A Queer Bible Podcast
Two queer ministers and one layperson go through the Bible from the beginning.
10 months ago

S1E4 - Noah: Part 1

God is NOT HAPPY with humanity for boinking divine beings. Noah better build that boat, and fast!

Episode Notes

The prehistoric stakes are rising as God second-guesses this whole Creation thing. After some salacious escapades between humans and divine beings, God decides he wants a do-over and kills EVERYTHING with a flood. But there's one guy he decides is okay: the one and only Noah. J., Sue, and David explore how straight sex almost destroyed the entire world, and discuss what's so great about Noah, anyway? David coins the term "they-splaining," J. displays their lack of knowledge of Game of Thrones, and we touch upon some of the ways the Bible itself is an inherently queer text as the Earth returns to watery, primordial chaos.

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